Bapco Tazweed Re-opens Tubli Service Station After Complete Renovation

As part of its strategic plans, Bapco Tazweed, a subsidiary of the Oil and Gas Holding Company (NogaHolding), has opened Tubli Service Station on Thursday the 12th of August 2021, after a comprehensive re-development project applying the new branding identity of the company. This has transformed the fuel station into an integrated service area that provides many important practical complementary services to its clients.

Engineer Jassim Isa Al-Shirawi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bapco Tazweed, stated that the re-development of Bapco Tazweed’s fuel stations in various governorates of the Kingdom is part of the company’s strategy to upgrade these stations to enhance their service level and improve the safety and environmental protection standards.

He further stated that the re-development of Tubli Service Station is part of a continuous re-development plan for the company’s old fuel stations in various parts of the Kingdom of Bahrain. This is in line with the Economic Vision 2030 under the guidance of the government headed by His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the Crown Prince and Prime Minister to modernize the infrastructure services of the Kingdom with the highest international standards and improve competitiveness and sustainability standards.

Al-Shirawi explicated that the fuel stations would be developed in terms of design to improve traffic flow, re-fueling capacity and quality of the services provided, as well as reflect the new brand identity of Bapco Tazweed. High attention has been paid to the aesthetics and the design elements of the station.

He further added that the cooperation with the private sector was of interest to Bapco Tazweed. In line with the company’s strategy to develop and diversify complementary services at its stations, the company signed several agreements with prominent local commercial companies and branded car care centers, mini marts and restaurants during the past period.

Al-Shirawi emphasized that investing in modern state-of-the arts fuel stations is a global and regional trend being followed by major and national oil companies in many countries. The Kingdom of Bahrain is keen to keep pace with the latest developments and pioneered experiences that support the sustainable development. Al-Shirawi further mentioned that the upcoming re-development projects include Hidd Service Station and Muharraq Service Station.

Engineer Khalid Al-Tayyar, Acting General Manager of Bapco Tazweed, mentioned that the area of Tubli Service Station is 6,300 square meters, and the development of the station began on January 15, 2021. He further stated that the old facility was demolished, and the station was built in its new and enhanced form following the latest international standards in a record time and at a cost less than the allocated budget.

Engineer Khalid Al-Haj, Operations and Projects Manager, indicated that the station includes 6 gasoline dispensers and 2 diesel/kerosene dispensers that could serve 16 vehicles at the same time. The station is equipped with the latest environmental and safety measures such as a tank leak monitoring system (TLS), and the use of double-walled storage tanks and piping network in addition to a stage II vapor recovery system.

Bapco Tazweed was established in 2019 by the Oil and Gas Holding Company with the purpose of increasing the number of fuel stations in the Kingdom and enhancing the complementary services provided to the fuel stations’ customers.

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